What is Org-roam?

Org-roam is a Roam replica built around the all-powerful Org-mode.

Org-roam is a solution for effortless non-hierarchical note-taking with Org-mode. With Org-roam, notes flow naturally, making note-taking fun and easy. Org-roam should also work as a plug-and-play solution for anyone already using Org-mode for their personal wiki.

To understand more about Roam, a collection of links are available in the appendix.

Org-roam aims to implement the core features of Roam, leveraging the mature ecosystem around Org-mode where possible. Eventually, we hope to further introduce features enabled by the Emacs ecosystem.

Why use Org-roam?

Private and Secure

Edit your personal wiki completely offline, entirely in your control. Encrypt your notes with GPG.


Unlike web solutions like Roam research, the notes are first and foremost plain Org-mode files -- Org-roam simply builds up an auxilliary database to give the personal wiki superpowers. Having your notes in plain-text is crucial for the longevity of your wiki. Never have to worry about proprietary web solutions being taken down. Edit your plain-text notes in notepad if all other editors cease to exist.

Free and Open-source

Org-roam is free and open-source, which means that if you feel unhappy with any part of Org-roam, you may choose to extend Org-roam, or open a PR.

Leverage the Org-mode Ecosystem

Over the years, Emacs and Org-mode has developed into a mature system for plain-text organization. Building upon Org-mode already puts Org-roam light-years ahead of many other solutions.

Emacs is also a fantastic interface for editing text, and we can inherit many of the powerful text-navigation and editing packages available to Emacs.

There are several packages that are similar to Org-roam, see the Comparison page for a detailed comparison.

Project Status

As of March 2020, most of the core functionality and interfaces have stabilized, and a stable release is near.