Anatomy of an Org-roam file

The bulk of Org-roam's functionality is built on top of vanilla Org-mode. However, to support additional functionality, Org-roam adds several Org-roam-specific keywords. These functionality are not crucial to effective use of Org-roam.

File Aliases

Suppose you want a note to be referred to by different names (e.g. "World War 2", "WWII"). You may specify such aliases using the #+ROAM_ALIAS attribute:

#+TITLE: World War 2
#+ROAM_ALIAS: "WWII" "World War II"

File Refs

Refs are unique identifiers for files. Each note can only have 1 ref. For example, a note for a website may contain a ref:

#+TITLE: Google

These keys come in useful for when taking website notes, using the roam-ref protocol (see Roam Protocol).

Alternatively, add a ref for notes for a specific paper, using its org-ref citation key:

#+TITLE: Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
#+ROAM_KEY: cite:chen18_neural_ordin_differ_equat

The backlinks buffer will show any cites of this key: e.g.