A number of packages work well combined with Org-Roam:


Deft provides a nice interface for browsing and filtering org-roam notes.

(use-package deft
  :after org
  ("C-c n d" . deft)
  (deft-recursive t)
  (deft-use-filter-string-for-filename t)
  (deft-default-extension "org")
  (deft-directory "/path/to/org-roam-files/"))

If the title of the Org file is not the first line, you might not get nice titles. You may choose to patch this to use org-roam's functionality. Here I'm using el-patch:

(use-package el-patch
  :straight (:host github
                   :repo "raxod502/el-patch"
                   :branch "develop"))

  (require 'el-patch))

(use-package deft
  ;; same as above...
  (defun deft-parse-title (file contents)
    "Parse the given FILE and CONTENTS and determine the title.
If `deft-use-filename-as-title' is nil, the title is taken to
be the first non-empty line of the FILE.  Else the base name of the FILE is
used as title."
    (el-patch-swap (if deft-use-filename-as-title
                       (deft-base-filename file)
                     (let ((begin (string-match "^.+$" contents)))
                       (if begin
                           (funcall deft-parse-title-function
                                    (substring contents begin (match-end 0))))))
                   (org-roam--get-title-or-slug file))))

The Deft interface can slow down quickly when the number of files get huge. Notdeft is a fork of Deft that uses an external search engine and indexer.


Org-journal is a more powerful alternative to the simple function org-roam-dailies-today. It provides better journaling capabilities, and a nice calendar interface to see all dated entries.

(use-package org-journal
  ("C-c n j" . org-journal-new-entry)
  (org-journal-date-prefix "#+TITLE: ")
  (org-journal-file-format "")
  (org-journal-dir "/path/to/org-roam-files/")
  (org-journal-date-format "%A, %d %B %Y"))

Note-taking Add-ons

These are some plugins that make note-taking in Org-mode more enjoyable.


Org-download lets you screenshot and yank images from the web into your notes:


(use-package org-download
  :after org
  (:map org-mode-map
        (("s-Y" . org-download-screenshot)
         ("s-y" . org-download-yank))))


mathpix.el uses Mathpix's API to convert clips into latex equations:


(use-package mathpix.el
  :straight (:host github :repo "jethrokuan/mathpix.el")
  :custom ((mathpix-app-id "app-id")
           (mathpix-app-key "app-key"))
  ("C-x m" . mathpix-screenshot))

Org-noter / Interleave

Org-noter and Interleave are both projects that allow synchronised annotation of documents (PDF, EPUB etc.) within Org-mode.


org-roam-bibtex offers tight integration between org-ref, helm-bibtex and org-roam. This helps you manage your bibliographic notes under org-roam.


Spaced Repetition

Org-fc is a spaced repetition system that scales well with a large number of files. Other alternatives include org-drill, and pamparam.